There is the blogs of X&E. You can find the story and experience of what happen to people with X&E or sharing your story with X&E here. I believe you will want to be one of the top cook to prepare a feast for your family and friends in the party with many recipes about X&E indoor smokeless grill and X&E air fryer here. At the same time, if you are interested in the food from different countries, we have the barbecue culture in different countries here as well.

From hearty meats to delicious sides, Ireland's roast meat culture is as diverse and delicious as its famous cuisine.

Sizzle in the Emerald Isle: Discovering Ireland's Vibrant Barbecue Culture

Discover the vibrant and diverse barbecue culture of Ireland, from spit-roasted pork to the beloved black pudding. Sides like potato salad and roasted vegetables complete the meal, with a pint of G...

Austrian barbecue culture is not just about food - it's also a social event

Savor the Flavor: Exploring Austria's Sizzling Barbecue Culture

Austria has a rich tradition of outdoor cooking, with grilled chicken, sausages, and beef skewers being popular. Sides like potato salad and grilled vegetables, along with Austrian beer and wine, c...

British barbecue enthusiasts have embraced the American style of grilling, incorporating techniques such as low and slow smoking to achieve tender and juicy meat.

The Sizzling World of British Barbecue Culture

The UK's barbecue culture is deeply rooted in its history and traditions, with a wide variety of meats, sauces, and sides. From the classic burger to grilled lamb chops and seafood, British barbecu...

When it comes to barbecue, Germany has a long and rich history. From classic sausages to hearty pork knuckles, Germany's barbecue culture is as diverse as it is delicious.

Discovering Germany's Barbecue Culture

German BBQ culture, known as "Grillen," is a beloved tradition that brings family and friends together to enjoy delicious grilled meats and beer. Sausages, pork chops, and marinated chicken are amo...

With the promotion of Chinese culture and the popularity of Chinese BBQ, I believe more and more people will understand and love this cuisine.

Chinese Barbecue Culture

Chinese barbecue has a long history and is closely related to Chinese culture. It can be traced back to the ancient cooking method of sizzling. Chinese barbecue has evolved and been influenced by o...

Vietnamese barbecue culture, which is a popular tradition among the local people. Vietnamese barbecue culture includes not only the grilling of various meats and vegetables, but also many different grilling techniques and methods of grilling meat.

Vietnamese-style barbecue culture

Vietnamese barbecue culture is a diverse and social tradition that includes grilling various meats, vegetables, and seafood items over a charcoal fire. It is a popular cuisine and social activity a...