There is the blogs of X&E. You can find the story and experience of what happen to people with X&E or sharing your story with X&E here. I believe you will want to be one of the top cook to prepare a feast for your family and friends in the party with many recipes about X&E indoor smokeless grill and X&E air fryer here. At the same time, if you are interested in the food from different countries, we have the barbecue culture in different countries here as well.

Italian grill menus usually include a variety of meats such as steaks, pork chops, chicken, lamb and sausages. These meats are usually cooked slowly in the oven or on the grill until they become aromatic and colorful.

Italian Grill Culture

Italian grilling culture is a social and passionate experience, featuring a variety of grilled meats, vegetables, and fruits cooked using traditional techniques such as "alla brace." It reflects th...

Thai barbecue is usually cooked over a traditional charcoal fire, giving the food a unique aroma and flavor.

Thai BBQ Culture

Thai barbecue culture is a popular and diverse aspect of Thailand's rich food culture. Grilled meats are seasoned with unique Thai flavors and grilled over charcoal fires. Thai BBQ is often enjoyed...

Japanese grilled dishes, all with a strong Japanese flavor and unique taste, such as "grilled fish", "grilled vegetables", "grilled octopus" and "grilled beef tongue".

Japanese Barbecue Culture

Japanese barbecue, known as "yakiniku", has a long history and unique evolution. Its representative dishes, including grilled meat, fish, and vegetables, are popular worldwide. The influence of Jap...

Originating in the southern United States, American barbecue food culture is a culinary art of grilling meat, poultry, seafood and other ingredients over charcoal.

American Barbecue Culture

Over time, American barbecue began to incorporate more cooking techniques and seasonings, and gradually became an important part of American culinary culture. In addition to traditional American ba...

Korean barbecue occupies an important place in Korean culture because it provides a sense of intimacy and friendship.

Korean BBQ Culture

Korean barbecue has a rich history dating back to the Three Kingdoms period and is an important part of Korean culture, including "family barbecue culture". It includes dishes such as beef, pork, c...

French barbecue culture represents the love and pursuit of life and food of the French people. It is not only a way of cooking, but also a cultural heritage and a way of life.

French BBQ culture: enjoy the fusion of food and lifestyle

French barbecue is a cultural tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages, with the famous brochettes being a representation of this. It's a way of life that emphasizes spending time with loved on...