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X&E Smokeless Grill - a boon for rhinitis sufferers

X&E Smokeless Grill - a boon for rhinitis sufferers


For many food-loving rhinitis sufferers, the smoke-free design of the X&E Smokeless Grill Pan is a boon.

Traditional gas/charcoal grills tend to produce a lot of smoke and fumes while grilling, which can irritate the nasal and respiratory passages, causing rhinitis sufferers to experience aggravated rhinitis symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose and sneezing.

The X&E Smokeless Grill Pan utilizes advanced, environmentally friendly grill smoke extraction technology that features an internal circulating smoke exhaust AC fan and water-cooled filtration technology that reduces the grease and smoke generated during grilling, providing a smoke-free grilling environment.

The non-stick ceramic glaze material on the surface of the X&E Smokeless Grill Pan eliminates the need to add large amounts of extra fat to cook food on the grill, while the porous grill pan design filters excess fat from food to reduce dietary fat intake. For some people with rhinitis, a high-fat diet can lead to recurrent rhinitis attacks, and a smokeless grill pan provides a healthy way to cook.

 At the same time, smokeless grills offer gentle and even cooking with automatic temperature adjustment to prevent overcooking and burning of ingredients. Overcooking food can produce allergenic substances that can cause greater nasal and respiratory irritation in people with rhinitis.

 In short, the X&E Smokeless Grill Pan brings convenience to people with rhinitis, both in the design of the product's smoke treatment and in the design of the food cooking technology.


Cooking pork chops on the X&E smokeless grill is a mouth-watering experience.
X&E Indoor Smokeless Grill - Keep a Clean Kitchen


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