Barbecue culture in different countries

Japanese Barbecue Culture

Japanese grilled dishes, all with a strong Japanese flavor and unique taste, such as "grilled fish", "grilled vegetables", "grilled octopus" and "grilled beef tongue".

As an ancient way of cooking, barbecue has a long history and is loved by people everywhere. In Japan, barbecue has undergone a unique development and evolution, resulting in a unique Japanese barbecue culture.

Historical Evolution

Barbecue in Japan began in ancient times when people used simple materials such as bamboo, wood and straw to cook meat and fish over a fire, forming the earliest culture of barbecue. As the times changed, the grilling methods and tools were improved, and the most representative one is "Teppanyaki". This is one of the most important parts of Japanese grilling culture, where ingredients are cooked on an iron plate to give them a unique aroma.

Representative Dishes

One of the most classic dishes in Japanese barbecue culture is "yakiniku". "Yakiniku is a dish in which meat such as pork, beef, or chicken is cut into thin slices or small pieces and then grilled on an iron plate or grill. The aroma and taste of the meat grilled in this way is delicious and popular among Japanese people. In addition, there are many other classic dishes such as "grilled fish," "grilled vegetables," "grilled octopus," and "grilled beef tongue. Japanese grilled dishes, all of which have a strong Japanese flavor and unique taste.

Global Impact

Japanese barbecue has become a highly regarded culinary culture around the world, especially in Asia. In Korea, people also love barbecue culture, but unlike Japan, Koreans prefer to use charcoal fire for grilling. In regions such as China and Taiwan, many restaurants have also started to offer Japanese barbecue dishes, which have been warmly welcomed by consumers. In addition, as the influence of Japanese culture continues to expand globally, Japanese style barbecue is being understood and tried by more and more foreigners who are learning and trying to make it. People in many countries and regions have learned about and come into contact with Japanese barbecue through Japanese restaurants and Japanese cultural festivals and events, as well as sharing and spreading Japanese barbecue culture through the Internet and social media platforms.

In short, the history and evolution of Japanese BBQ food culture is rich and colorful, and its representative dishes have unique taste and culinary value. Globally, the influence of Japanese BBQ is also expanding, bringing more culinary choices and cultural exchange opportunities to the world.

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Originating in the southern United States, American barbecue food culture is a culinary art of grilling meat, poultry, seafood and other ingredients over charcoal.
Thai barbecue is usually cooked over a traditional charcoal fire, giving the food a unique aroma and flavor.


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