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Using X&E coal barbecues is better for your health

Using X&E coal barbecues is better for your health

Holding a barbecue at a family gathering can promote direct family bonding, while the freedom to choose your favorite food to grill makes it a good choice for family gatherings.

Usually, the first choice of ingredients for our barbecue is grilled meat, which is tender and juicy, but also accompanied by a lot of fat. Fat consumption can be harmful to the human body. In general, the normal adult daily intake of oil content should not exceed 25-30g, more than the above value is indicative of excessive intake of oil.

Excessive intake of fats and oils will not only lead to obesity, but also affect human health, such as metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, decreased brain function and other symptoms. Metabolic diseases can cause diabetes, fatty liver disease and other diseases. Cardiovascular disease is the long-term intake of food high in oil is likely to lead to elevated blood lipids, which will increase the viscosity of blood, which will lead to atherosclerotic plaques in the walls of blood vessels, which can lead to coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebral infarction and other related diseases. Decreased brain function can lead to inattention, slow reaction time and other symptoms, and consuming too much oil over a long period of time can also increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

For the sake of human health, it is best to pay attention to control the intake of fats and oils in the diet. x&e indoor smokeless grill can filter some of the fats and oils in the food, while the grilling process does not need to add a lot of oil baking, you can really do healthy grilling.


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