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You don't have to go out to have a good barbecue at home!

You don't have to go out to have a good barbecue at home!

You can enjoy the fun of barbecuing at home yourself. You are free to choose the cooking time to adjust the flavour of the barbecue and you are also free to add seasonings to suit your taste. 

  Do you have to go back to the barbecue shop when you really want to grill? Do you want to go far away to buy barbecue, but it is not your favourite? Do you have to wait a long time in a restaurant to get your favourite barbecue?

  The X&E Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill is perfect for your indoor grilling needs. Whenever you want to barbecue, just switch on the smokeless indoor electric barbecue, add a little water, place your food on top and you'll have a delicious barbecue in no time.

  The X&E Smokeless Indoor Electric Barbecue eliminates the need to sit at the barbecue for long periods of time and to turn food frequently to prevent browning and blackening, as is the case with conventional barbecues. The Smokeless Indoor Electric Barbecue has an intelligent control system that allows the user to easily control the temperature of the barbecue using the buttons on the control panel and the touch screen without having to worry about overheating.


   The X&E Smokeless Indoor Electric Barbecue also has an evenly heated area with up to six stainless steel heating elements at work. The barbecue only needs to be turned once to complete the even heating on both sides. You won't have to worry about different flavours in your steaks and they won't overcook easily.


 With up to 1500W of heating power, the X&E Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill easily raises and maintains temperatures from 220˚F to 450˚F. The smokeless indoor electric barbecue has an even heating zone so you can finish grilling in no time and enjoy the food you've cooked.


  With a smokeless indoor electric barbecue at home, you can add your favourite seasonings such as lemon, butter, honey, etc. as you wish. You can cook your favourite food and never have to worry about badly grilled food again.


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